Project Train4Inclusive

About the project.

#Train4Inclusive project aims to develop methodology and tools, which supporters and supervisors of sport activities for people with disabilities will be able to use in order to monitor the progress of their physical, cognitive and social abilities. This project also aims:

  1. To ensure intensive exchange of good practices between people supporting and supervising the sport activities of people with disabilities.
  2. To provide collected data in the sector of disability sport that could be used by scientists in different fields (medicine, psychology, social science) for improvement of treatments.
  3. Improved quality of life of disadvantaged people and their parents or caretakers.

#Train4Inclusive project will:

  • Deliver state of art analysis of the sport for persons with disabilities landscape in the partner countries that will straighten the evidence base of scientific researches of training for inclusion through collecting information for setting research framework disability sport;
  • Develop a practical Handbook #Train4Inclusive focussed on sport coaches working with people with disabilities in order to empower their efforts of inclusion through sport;
  • Pilot local educational events that will involve sport coaches and kids from the partner countries as an innovative tool for education through sport activities. Project team will develop a specific educational training program for trainers of athletes with disabilities in organized and supervised sport activities based on all the information collected and analyzed in the previous stages of the project and the handbook;
  • Organize multi-sport events in each project country to promote the inclusion of disadvantaged people in the society and the project;
  • Deliver quality sport workshops - recreational family sports events (not simply a day-to-day task), in multiple countries at the same time (to be part of a very large scope) during the European Week of Sport 2021 and 2022;
  • Create an e-learning platform that will contain all the educational materials that will be generated during the different phases of the project and will be used as a library of experiences that will collect the best cases that explain the progress of participants with disabilities in organized and supervised sports activities;
  • The cooperation among volunteers and workers of different types of participating institutions working in the field of sport will allow the creation of a network open to 360° in PARA - SPORT, i.e. from the officer of the public organization to the end user (athlete of sport club), passing through NGOs sport;
  • Methodology developed in scope of this project will be executed in 5 different countries ensuring wide reach and impact on brother region, due to the inclusion of target groups from multiple Europe countries (Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Spain).

#Train4Inclusive project is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and will be implementing activities in the period 01/01/2021 – 31/12/2022.