Rijeka sports association for persons with disabilities


Rijeka sports association for persons with disabilities was founded in Rijeka in 1983.It was founded with a primal goal to promote sports among young people especially among those with various types of disabilities. It has a mission to integrate people with disabilities in society through sports, and to give a contribution to equal rights of all citizens and prevent social exclusion of people with disabilities.There are 16 sports clubs within our organization which include: swimming, wheelchair tennis, athletics, table tennis, boccia, Alpine skiing, equestrian, shooting, sports for the deaf and sports for the blind.Currently the Association employs these persons: Secretary General, 3 EU project managers, project administrator, an office administrator and 4 Kinesiology professors/sport trainers. Among the employees we have persons with disabilities and parent of a child with disabilities.

University Sports Center of Palermo – CUS Palermo

The University Sports Center of Palermo – CUS Palermo has a long and meaningful story full of sports activities, records, successes, events that took place during the years. Cus Palermo is a sports association and consists of 29 employees: 12 administrative and 17 workers. In addition, also it counts 4 project workers and over 50 sports technicians. A solid and reliable organizational structure, which over the years has grown. The CUS started the day after World War II owing to the initiative of a group of University students. Founded in 1947, from the very beginning the CUS has always played a leading role in the spread and practice of sports both for the University and for the city of Palermo. Many are the activities played in the sports center: athletics (start-up center), volleyball - school volleyball, basketball - mini-school, water polo, swimming - swimming school, school rowing, handball, football 11, soccer 5, offshore sailing and tennis.

Bulgarian Sports Development Association

Bulgarian Sports Development Association was founded in 2010 and is a NGO devoted to the development of sport and improving sporting culture.As sport is about ambition,emotion and inspiration initiated by the people for the people, the sector should be based on the personal convictions of decision-makers for integrity, dedication and fairness as well as on the principles of “fair play”, team-work, discipline, equal start and non-discrimination. Sport is also an excellent way to prevent many of the problems within our society such as social exclusion, violence, crime and addictions.