#Train4Inclusive initiative has been launched


The Commission has published a study that seeks to promote best practice for providing enhanced opportunities for individuals with disabilities to be involved in organised sports. There are an estimated 80m people with a disability in the European Union (EU), equivalent to approximately 15% of the EU population. Disabled people are less likely to take part in organised sport than non-disabled individuals, this despite the many positive benefits of participation.


There is big opportunity that organized sport and physical activity of people with disability can generate data, which will help to monitor the physical, cognitive and social improvement of participants. These data can be used by trainers, PE teachers, scientists for improvement existing methods or for development of new better approaches, which will generate more benefits for people with disabilities. However there is no systematic collection of data which indicate the benefits of participating in sport and physical activities. The aim of the project is to develop methodology and tools, which will be used by people, who are supporting and supervising the sport activities of disadvantage people, for monitoring the progress of their physical, cognitive and social abilities o generated by regular, supervised sport activities.

Picture of a runner

This project also aims:

  1. There will be more intensive exchange of good practices between people supporting and supervising the sport activities of people with disabilities.
  2. The collected data could be used by scientists in different field (medicine, psychology, social science) for improvement of treatments.
  3. The disadvantaged people and their parents or caretakers will have better quality of life.