Multiplier sport events



There are two multiplier events, which will be organized by partners

BeInclusive 2021 Workshop

During the European Week of Sport partners have organized event in duration of one day. The purpose of event was promotion of Handbook- manual for trainers.

Rijeka sports association for persons with disabilities marked the European Week of Sport by presenting the coaching manual. On 24th of September 2021, as part of the EUROPEAN WEEK OF SPORT, a presentation of the Train4inclusive coaching manual and an adapted sport training for children with physical disabilities were held in front of the Primary school Gornja Vežica in Rijeka, Croatia.The coaching manual developed within the Train4inclusive project presents methods and tools for monitoring the progress of participants in sports activities. It was welcomed by the teachers that participated in the adapted sport training run by expert coaches from Rijeka sports association for persons with disabilities. They organized an outdoor sport training on different polygons adapted to children with disabilities.

CUS Palermo has organized Beinclusive21 event on 30th of September. The handbook for trainers was presente to an audience mainly made up of coaches. After the conference, the demonstration in the field followed. The event concluded with a triangular water polo between mixed teams with disabled people.

On September 25, 2021, in the “Madara” pool of the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski" #Train4Inclusive event in adapted swimming was held, which was attended by athletes with intellectual disabilities. The swimming event included 50m adapted swimming with a partner, as well as water fun for the participants, who were divided into two age groups - under and over 17 years.

IPAK institute has organized event Beinclusive at Velenje on 30th of September 2021. The event was organized in two sessions: In first the project Train 4 Inclusive and Handbook for trainers developed by CUS Palermo have been presented. In second part the practical work and discussion was organized at swimming pool at Velenje

BeActive 2022 Workshop

During the European Week of Sport 2022 one day event will be organized. In the first part of workshop the Web platform and pilot courses will be presented. In the second part the the participants will learn how to use web platform.